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About O-Berry

O-Berry is a little friend of mine. I made this guy when I was about 10 years old and he travels with me. We've been to Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Boston, New York, Alaska, Hawai'i, Wyoming, Disney World, and more. He's climbed glaciers, been snorkling at the Great Barrier Reef (twice!), windsurfing off the coast of Australia, stood on top of the World Trade Center and looked out over Pearl Harbor. We've seen the midnight sun (twice), met sharks and bears, and drank vodka through a fly net while dancing around a bonfire. It's a lot of miles, but they give you these neat spoons on Qantas flights...

Read some of our adventures.

Giant Squid
O-Berry and the spoons

Monterey, CA     Fenway Park     Michaelmas Cay, Australia    

Grand Tetons, WY     Universal Studios, FL     San Diego, CA    


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