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Top Secret

Any time you work on either internal software or commercial software that has not been released there are bound to be a few things that you can't show people, and I have a collection of those. No, I can't show them to you, but I can wave my hands and talk about them in a general sense since there are some things in there that don't appear elsewhere in my portfolio. They range from consumer products to uber-Enterprise and are products of the variety of places that I have worked:

  • Interactivity with motion-sensing devices
  • Device-to-device interaction
  • Screens of all size (from hand-held to walls) and types (e.g. touch)
  • Facial recognition
  • White-boarding and collaboration tools
  • Video creation and playback
  • Rich graphic consumer-facing applications
  • User feedback gathering and assessment tools
  • New ways of working with information