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Information Architecture

Here's a few examples of Information Architecture flow diagrams that I've done over the years.

Tecplot data import wizard

Wizard for importing data into a scientific visualization tool for parametric analysis:

Tecplot new project import


ESP Simulation platform launcher

Overview of the pages for a simulation platform. "Change conditions" is actually another whole complex flow in itself.

ESP launcher

Because this application was actually a number of different applications working together, I also marked out which parts would be in-the-box, which we would be providing hooks for, and which would be created externally but displayed within the Launcher:

ESP Launcher flow

Because the training process varied depending on whether you were in practice mode or taking a test (namely if you got to change the settings) and whether you were using a full-motion simulator or a laptop, I did simple flow diagrams to show those differences:




Take test


Solucient Market Planner

An early flow diagram for a web-based data mining application (the final product was more complex than this):

Solucient Flow Diagram