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Model Railroad

I have the model railroad that my dad built back in 1958. It's computer-controlled (think about that) and inside a coffee table (read all about "Coffee Table #1"). I grew up with it and now that it's in my living room it's time to do a little upgrading. The trees and grass are dead and there are a couple of roads to nowhere, so it's time to put my miniature landscaping skills to use.


Below are some shots of the table as it is today; as I update the scenery, I'll post those pictures here as well.

Sad trees

These trees weren't the greatest in 1958 and they have not improved with age. Some are hard as rock (actually, they're harder than the rocks since the rocks are tree bark and the trees are something like concrete) and some are just bottle brushes.

Sad tree

Bottle Brush

Dead forest

Dead grass

The table spent some time in store windows and the grass faded in the sunlight. I think the horses would appreciate something better to eat!

Dead grass

More dead grass

Road to nowhere

The painted backdrop is trees all around - even when there's a road! I need send that road off into the distance...

Road to nowhere

There's a number of other things that I need to upgrade (like the fence) and clean up. Like all good model railroads this will be an ongoing project.

All images ©2004-2009 Margaret Plumley