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I am an experienced Design Lead and have both designed the products and managed the processes for products ranging from scientific visualization to PlayStation streaming gaming to consumer creative tools to Dreamworks internal software, researching users and markets, defining standards and creating prototypes, with results including usability success, customer wins, and drops in support. I've run design teams at Google for Support, Shopping, and Identity, making sure that design is a core part of the process and building bridges across departments and projects.

Google Identity

Google (contract) (2016-2018)

UX Program Manager
Support, Shopping, Identity

Lead a matrixed UX team (IXD, UXW, UXR, UXE) for multiple projects and dozens of people including planning, project scheduling, load balancing, day-to-day deliverables from kick-off to launch and retrospectives for Identity, Support, and Shopping.


PicsArt (2015)

Senior (Lead) Mobile Product Manager
Consumer, mobile, social app

Lead Product Manager and Designer for creative tools for a late-stage startup consumer mobile app on multiple platforms and form-factors. Lead the design for drawing tools including requirements, design language, and mockups. Create, manage, and prioritize the Agile roadmap, working with dev team in Armenia.

Case Study


PlayStation Now (2013-2014)

Product Manager
Streaming gaming service

Turn a technology into a product for a high-profile (executive-level) v.1 streaming gaming product on multiple consumer platforms ranging from TV to mobile, integrating it into the existing e-commerce ecosystem using existing design paradigms.

Case Study


PDI/Dreamworks (2011-2013)

Principal UX Designer and Product Manager
Internal artists' tools

Bring a user-centered design process to the studio. Work with both training and the artists to make sure that the artists have what they need when they need it (both features and information) in order to get their work done. Prioritize multiple projects on multiple platforms (Linux, Windows, iOS, web). Responsible for internal tools from 3D lighting and rendering setup to media management.

Case Studies: Media Manager, Integrated Help, Previz and Layout


Tecplot (2010-2011)

Senior Product Designer
Computational Fluid Dynamics Visualization

Turn loosely-defined customer data into a product for a v.1 first-to-market product. Bring end-to-end, customer-centered design to a highly technical company. Results: According to one customer, "Our post processing productivity increased by an order of magnitude... Now I can do in five minutes what once took me 4-6 hours."

Case Study

Flight Simulator Platform

Flight Simulator Platform (2008-2009)

Product Designer
Training and scenario creation

Own and drive the end-to-end experience for a training-based startup platform based on Flight Simulator. Determine UX requirements for a complex set of simulation development tools. Make a complex 3D simulation process usable by a non-3D user base.

Case Study


Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Winqual, Solucient Market Planner Plus

Product Manager and Designer

Older projects, going back to 2002

Case Studies: Word, Winqual, Solucient